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Customer case: ICT improvement

For our customer Caravan Storage Spain, for who we recently launched their new web, we have reorganized their ICT environment. We would like to tell you something about the case, also to show you some of our possibilities!

With a number of desktop computers at the office and a few at home, our customer asked to investigate whether there are opportunities to improve the ICT environment. A network file server (NAS) was installed in the office to make the data available to the various computers. The initial request was to make that data also accessible remotely.

ict improvement

When we mapped out the wishes with the customer, it turned out that in many cases it was not possible to work from home. The problem was that the data on the NAS was available in the office, but not online. In addition, our customer had not yet thought about backing up this data. In the event of a NAS failure, business would immediately come to a complete stop because crucial information would no longer be available.

An inventory showed that improvements were needed in more areas than just shared files. For example, the Windows license was not activated on a number of computers. The customer had not paid any further attention to this, because everything works anyway. Without activated licenses, not all Windows functionality is available and, more importantly, updates are not installed by Microsoft. This can cause stability and security problems.

The software the customer was working with was often outdated. The different computers each had their own set of software and sometimes a particular package available on one computer was not available on the other. This in turn meant that the employees had their ‘own’ computer. Switching computers in the office was problematic. Using a remote computer was impossible, so employees sometimes had to drive to the office to perform a simple administrative action.

The ICT improvement

Selva ICT set to work to get the following things in order:

  • Not activated Windows licenses
  • Overdue maintenance on a number of desktop computers
  • Different configurations and installations
  • Users cannot use any computer
  • It is not possible to perform the same work remotely as in the office
  • There are no backups of critical information

The customer now has an environment that meets the requirements and wishes of our time. The Windows installations are in order. The latest functionality and critical security updates have been installed. By using Microsoft Office365 software for daily use is up-to-date and files can be shared between the different users. The users can log in on any desired computer at the office or at home and their own working environment is always available. The files for business operations are available on all environments and regular backups are stored in the Cloud.

Also looking for some ICT help? We have lots of options and would love to think with you about the possibilities. Contact us!

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