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How to organize your customer service?

How to organize your customer service? Let’s help you with that!

To give you an answer on the question ‘how to organize your customer service?’ it’s good to understand that a proper customer service is something that is still seriously underestimated today. A beautiful and appropriate quote, which at the time of writing we can no longer remember who made it, is: ‘Selling a good product or providing a good service is nice and makes a customer happy, but you only have a satisfied customer when a problem is solved perfectly’.

Of course, we only want our customers to be satisfied, but we also want our customers’ customers to be satisfied! That’s why today we’re listing a few tips to make your customer service simple and smooth.

Working happy and with pace, to put a smile on the customer face

Maybe the most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s all about your response time and what and how you respond a customer. Obviously you don’t want to be rude and always want to make the customer happy. Know when to make jokes and when to be bloody serious! Make sure you have this superpower or look for somebody who has this amazing skill. We’ve all experienced a rude customer support once in our life and we can probably still tell of which company this was. Imagine that people have this association with your company… 😮

There are lots of companies which solve problems easily and very well. Some companies even make some mistakes by purpose, just to have some extremely happy customers! The customer starts the conversation angry and leaves happier than ever! Just by using the right words, don’t mix emotions within your way of talking and make a joke at the right time, you can already achieve a lot. This is the main part of the answer on the question ‘how to organize your customer service?’.

Organizing your customer service with the right tools

With the right tools, you can handle lots of customer questions. Today we’ll introduce you to the customer support system ‘Freshdesk‘. Freshdesk is a great system to upgrade your customer support and give your customer the feeling of working with a professional company. Within Freshdesk you have several options to use such as:

  • Create a knowledge center in which customers can find answers on ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQ) or find documents and tutorials
  • Set up a ticket support system in which customers can look up old tickets, the current status of their ticket and reply and find answers on their tickets
  • Link your social media to Freshdesk to convert questions into a ticket
  • Organize your support team and asign tasks to other colleagues
  • Easily change statuses of a ticket in to resolved or closed and create automatic mails to your customer once you respond to or resolve a ticket

As you can see, Freshdesk is a really complete tool to start organizing your customer service. The greatest thing about Freshdesk is that it starts with a free version which is already really complete! At least enough to get started with organizing your customer support desk.

Still no clue where to start or how to organize your customer service? Let us help you!

Of course we are here to help, always. In the end we are your greatest supporters! If you still haven’t got a clue of how to organize your customer service, we can help you set up a Freshdesk account and get you on the way. If you want to have a chat about help with setting up Freshdesk, just contact us!

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